MimiSDK 8 Migration Guide

⚠️ In SDK v8, we’ve identified an issue where a user with only a hearing test (without a year of birth) would not get past the onboarding step in the Profile upon login. Since there are no breaking public API changes in SDK v9, we strongly recommend updating to SDK v9.x.x where this issue has been resolved.

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 8 from a previous version of MimiSDK.


  • iOS 14 or above.
  • Xcode 14.
  • Swift 5.7

API Changes

MimiSDK 8 introduces several API-breaking changes that should be made aware of. These changes are documented in the Changelog.

Added Headphone Identification mechanism

A new mechanism for identifying the connected headphone in the SDK has been added as described in Connected Headphone Identification.

Removed Arabic Localization

Localization for the Arabic language inside the MSDK has now been removed.