MimiSDK 5 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 5 from a previous version of MimiSDK.

MimiSDK 5 introduces several API-breaking changes that should be made aware of.


  • iOS 13 or above.
  • Xcode 12.
  • Swift 5.


The following section describes all changes that are considered breaking API or significant behavioral changes.

Project Integration

In order to work around a Swift compiler bug (SR-14195), we have renamed the MimiHTE.xcframework to MimiHTEKit.xcframework, which will require that framework to be re-integrated into your project.

See Integrating MimiSDK Manually for more info.

Processing API Refactoring

The Processing APIs have been completely redesigned and we strongly recommend you read the Processing section of the documentation to gain an overview of the new architecture.

Configuring the Profile

In previous versions, it was possible to configure various features and behaviors of the SDK when starting Mimi:

let configuration = MimiConfiguration(showHearingHealthTips: true, allowRemoteDeviceAuthorization: true)
Mimi.start(credentials: credentials, configuration: configuration, delegate: delegate)

In v5.0.0, this parameter has been moved to the profile components and can be used as follows:

let configuration = MimiProfileConfiguration(showsHearingHealthTips: true, allowsRemoteDeviceAuthorization: true)

let profile = MimiProfileViewController(configuration: configuration)
let profileNavigation = MimiProfileNavigationController(configuration: configuration)
let profileLauncher = MimiProfileLauncherView(configuration: configuration)

This parameter has a default value of MimiProfileConfiguration.default.

Removed Personalization Controller

MimiPersonalizationController (and therefore MimiCore.personalization) has been removed.

All processing related behavior is now required to use the new Processing APIs.

Removed User Controller

MimiUserController (and therefore MimiCore.user) has been removed. This type was deprecated in v4.4.0.

All functionality from MimiUserController can be found in MimiAuthController.

Replacing tests with test results

The scope of MimiTest in MimiTestController has been reduced to just test submission. The test data such as id, timestamp & metadata remains accessible in the corresponding MimiTestResult.

Removed Result Details View Controller

MimiResultDetailsViewController (and associated MimiMTResultDetailsViewController and MimiPTTResultDetailsViewController) has been removed.

To display the test results for a Mimi test paradigm, refer to MimiResultsViewController instead.


The theme property has been made non-optional on MimiThemeable and following that, apply(theme:) now has a non-optional MimiThemeDefinition on MimiThemeable.

API Removals

  • MimiPersonalizationController has been removed.
  • MimiCore.personalization has been removed.
  • MimiUserController has been removed.
  • MimiCore.user has been removed.
  • MimiConfiguration has been removed.
  • Mimi.configuration has been removed.
  • configuration parameter has been removed from Mimi.start().
  • MimiProfileContext has been removed.
  • Mimi.profileContext has been removed.
  • MimiAuthFlow.Route.anonymously has been removed.
  • hasConstructed from MimiComponent and conforming types.
  • MimiTabBar has been removed.
  • MimiTransparentNavigationBar has been removed.
  • MimiResultDetailsViewController has been removed.
  • MimiMTResultDetailsViewController has been removed.
  • MimiPTTResultDetailsViewController has been removed.
  • MimiTestController.tests has been removed.
  • MimiTest.LegacyInsights has been removed.
  • MimiTestRunResultData.signature has been removed.
  • MimiMTTestRunResultData.signature has been removed.
  • MimiPTTTestRunResultData.signature has been removed.
  • MimiHearingGrade.average(from:) has been removed.
  • MimiTestRun.LegacyInsights has been removed.
  • MimiTestRun.results has been removed.
  • MimiTestLegacyInsights and conforming type MimiMTTestLegacyInsights have been removed.
  • MimiTestLegacyInsightsCategory has been removed.
  • Removed loadAll(result:), load(with:result:), submit(test:result:) & delete(test:result:) from MimiTestController.
  • Removed loadLegacyInsights(type:test:result:) from MimiTestController.
  • Removed provideResults parameter in MimiTestController.submit(test:provideResults:result:).
  • result handler now provides an MimiTestResults instance in MimiTestController.submit(test:provideResults:result:).
  • Removed testController(controller: didSubmit test:) from MimiTestControllerObservable.
  • Removed testController(controller: didLoad tests:) from MimiTestControllerObservable.
  • Removed testController(controller: didDelete test:) from MimiTestControllerObservable.
  • Removed init(results:noiseData:metadata:) from MimiTestRun.
  • Removed id, signature, runs, metadata, results & testType properties from MimiTest.
  • Removed id, metadata, testType, ear, timestamp, data & noiseData properties from MimiTestRun.
  • MimiTestRun.Metadata has been removed.
  • Removed latestResult property from MimiResultsViewController.
  • MimiHearingGrade.tintColor has been removed.
  • Removed environment parameter support from start(environment:credentials:delegate:) in MimiCore.
  • Removed environment parameter support from update(environment:credentials:) in MimiCore.
  • MimiEllipsisIndicator has been removed.
  • MimiAuthFlow.for(route:) has been removed.
  • MimiHearingGradeBorderedAvatarView.contentInset has been removed.
  • UITraitCollection.mimiHorizontalLayoutClass has been removed.
  • UITraitCollection.mimiVerticalLayoutClass has been removed.
  • MimiUserFlow.start(at:) has been removed.
  • MimiUserFlow.then(step:) has been removed.
  • MimiUserFlow.then(step:if:) has been removed.
  • MimiUserFlow.then(step:or:decision) has been removed.
  • MimiUserFlowCoordinatorError.invalidCurrentInde has been removed.
  • MimiTestFlow.TestType has been removed.
  • MimiTestFlow.for(test:) has been removed.

API Renaming

  • MimiPersonalization.FittingInfo has been renamed to MimiPersonalization.Fitting.
  • MimiPersonalization.FittingInfo.for() has been renamed to MimiPersonalization.Fitting.techLevel().
  • MimiTestResultError.PTT.visualizationMissingFrequency has been renamed to MimiTestResultError.PTT.visualizationMissingFrequencies.
  • MimiTestConditionsBulletinDelegate has been renamed to MimiResultConditionsBulletinDelegate.
  • MimiTestConditionsBulletin has been renamed to MimiResultConditionsBulletin.
  • MimiTestConditionsData has been renamed to MimiResultConditionsData.
  • MimiTestCondition has been renamed to MimiResultCondition.
  • becomeThemingResponder(:) & resignThemingResponder(:) have been replaced with the ignoresThemeUpdates property in MimiThemable.
  • Replaced MimiFont(named:size:lineSpacing:kern:) with MimiFont(name:size:lineSpacing:kern:).