MimiSDK 7 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 7 from a previous version of MimiSDK.

MimiSDK 7 introduces several API-breaking changes that should be made aware of.


The following section describes all changes that are considered breaking API or significant behavioral changes.

Removed Processing Controls

The deprecated MimiProcessingToggle and MimiProcessingIntensitySlider processing controls have now been removed.

Processing Session Activation

A MimiPresetParameterDataSource must now be provided while activating a new processing session. More details can be found under Integrating Processing.

API Removals

  • user(MimiUser) in MimiAuthRoute.
  • default from MimiProfileConfiguration.
  • activate(fitting:) in MimiProcessingController.
  • fitting in MimiProcessingSession.
  • MimiPersonalization.Metadata in MimiCoreKit.
  • metadata in MimiPersonalization.
  • MimiPersonalization.Mode in MimiCoreKit.
  • MimiProcessingIntensitySlider in MimiSDK.
  • MimiProcessingToggle in MimiSDK.
  • MimiResultsViewController in MimiTestKit.