MimiSDK 6 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 6 from a previous version of MimiSDK.

MimiSDK 6 introduces several API-breaking changes that should be made aware of.


  • iOS 13 or above.
  • Xcode 13.X.
  • Swift 5.


The following section describes all changes that are considered breaking API or significant behavioral changes.

Removed Legacy Authentication Migration

A legacy authentication migration, which was introduced in SDK v4.7.0, has been now been removed. If updating from an SDK version pre-v4.7.0, please update to an SDK version pre-v6.0.0 first to ensure proper authentication migration.

API Removals

  • SigningError has been removed from MimiCoreError.
  • signature has been removed from MimiTestResult.
  • MimiTest(runs: [MimiTestRun], metadata: MimiTestMetadata, signature: String?) is now MimiTest(runs: [MimiTestRun], metadata: MimiTestMetadata).
  • usesMimiBrandedHealthOnboarding and showsHearingHealthTips have been removed from MimiProfileConfiguration.
  • Removed showsHearingHealthTips parameter from init(allowsRemoteDeviceAuthorization:) in MimiProfileConfiguration.
  • Removed options parameter from build(preferredTest:) in MimiTestFlow.
  • Removed showsHearingHealthTips parameter from initializer in MimiResultsViewController.
  • Removed MimiPersonalizationRoute.
  • message is now optional on MimiCoreErrorDetails.
  • Removed export(testResult:with:result) from MimiTestController.
  • Removed tintColor from MimiTestEar.
  • Removed Context from MimiHearingGrade.
  • Removed description(context:short:) from MimiHearingGrade.
  • Removed detailedDescription(context:short:) from MimiHearingGrade.
  • Removed tintColor(for:) from MimiHearingGrade.
  • Removed MimiHearingGradeSpectrumView.
  • Removed MimiEarIndicatorView.
  • Removed description from MimiHearingSymmetry.
  • Removed text and textAlignment from MimiSnackbar.
  • Removed environment and Environment from MimiCore.