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MimiSDK provides a built-in Profile that provides everything your user would need to start enjoying personalized audio with Mimi.

Profile Overview

The Profile is a highly configurable and dynamic UI component which is versatile enough to be used anywhere in your app. It provides:

  • Onboarding space - guiding the user through creating their individual Hearing ID
  • Personalization controls - update and adjust personalized audio processing quickly with the year of birth or more accurately by taking our Hearing Test
  • Mimi Account integration - allowing a Hearing ID to be stored in a permanent user account


The Profile is entirely self contained and therefore requires minimal configuration to be used - it's as easy as importing a MimiProfileLauncher or a MimiProfileFragment from your own custom activity/fragment, or embedding it directly on your layout.

Via Fragments

import io.mimi.sdk.profile.MimiProfileFragment
import io.mimi.sdk.profile.MimiProfileLauncher

Via XML Layouts

        android:layout_gravity="center" />

        android:layout_gravity="center" />

Note: The MimiProfileFragment fragment needs to have a fixed size (match_parent as well as size by constraints work too). wrap_content will result in a non-visible container.

Mimi Profile Fragment

The Mimi Profile Fragment is an expanded view that already contains all the necessary logic for users to personalize their sound, whether they prefer to do so in an easy and quick way, or in a more accurate way by taking a full Hearing Test. In addition, login and signup options are also provided via cards inside the Profile, allowing users to load their previously created Mimi data or save and persist their current data with a Mimi account.

Modal Profile

Mimi Launcher Card Fragment

The Mimi Launcher Card Fragment is a compact view designed to give one-tap access to the Mimi Profile. It allows you to provide a seamless Mimi Profile experience within your app, while taking a minimal amount of space.

Modal Profile


The Mimi SDK also offers the TestFlowActivity component that can be launched/started to take a full Mimi Hearing Test. However, before doing so, you need to make sure that the current user has been previously authenticated (check authenticateAnonymously() method). Otherwise an Exception will be thrown.

Next Steps

Check out how to customize your new Mimi Profile to fit your brand with Theming.