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MimiSDK 9.0.0 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MSDK 9.0.0 from an MSDK 8.x.x version.

What is new?

Dynamic Region-Based User Data Storage Support

  • MSDK 9.0.0 introduces automatic support for region-based storage of user Mimi data.
    • By default, there is no change for users or where their data is stored.
    • When using or upgrading to MSDK 9.0.0, no data migration is automatically performed.
    • Only after individual agreement and in co-ordination with a partner, will their users' Mimi data be stored in the appropriate regulatory region for each user.
    • At the time of writing this includes:
      • Rest of World (RoW)
      • China

Required Migrations

There are no required migrations for MSDK 9.0.0.

The change in major version number was done to reflect the product changes and not to indicate a breaking API change.