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MimiSDK 7 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 7 from a previous 6.x.x version of MimiSDK.

Although MimiSDK 7 introduces breaking changes to the mSDK API, these change won't affect most integrations. We anticipate that most partners will not require any changes to support the upgrade to mSDK 7.0.0.

What is new?

Anonymous User Login

The MimiSDK supports a new authentication path: the login of an anonymous user using their anonymous user id.

The UserController API has been changed to support this new path of authentication by adding the LoginAnonymously(val anonymousId : String) class to MimiAuthRoute.

The required anonymousId parameter corresponds to the newly exposed MimiUser property: anonymousId.

Importantly, this functionality should only be used in conjunction with the new allowAnonymousUserOnly property added to io.mimi.sdk.core.MimiConfiguration.

When set, this new property hides the Mimi login and signup user interface components from the user, so that the user remains anonymous.

More details on usage and sample code are available in the Anonymous User Id Authentication guide.

Removals and Deprecations

There have been several removals and deprecations to clean up legacy APIs.

For the full list, consult the CHANGELOG.