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MimiSDK 7.4.0 Migration Guide

This document outlines the various changes required to migrate to MimiSDK 7.4.0 from a previous 7.x.x version of MimiSDK.

Following these migration steps is strongly recommended, but are currently optional as this is not a major version change.

What is new?

Preset Parameter Data Sources Migration

In MSDK 7.4.0 we introduce the new concept of Preset Parameter Data Sources.

This affects the way integrations activate their ProcessingSession.

Previously, a ProcessingSession was activated using only Fitting information, like this:

// This approach has now been deprecated.
val fitting = // .... your Fitting instance
MimiCore.processingController.activateSession(fitting = fitting)

Now the recommended approach is to use a MimiPresetParameterDataSource instance, but you need to select the correct implementation for your integration.

If you are using the Mimi Profile UI, with our Fine Tuning feature, then you should use the UpDown data source.

Using the UpDown data source will ensure that the Fine Tuning feature works correctly.

You can configure it like this:

val fitting = // .... your existing Fitting instance
val upDownDataSourceConfig = MimiPresetParameterDataSourceConfiguration.UpDown(fitting = fitting)
val upDownPresetDataSource = MimiCore.personalizationController.createPresetParameterDataSource(upDownDataSourceConfig)
MimiCore.processingController.activateSession(presetDataSource = upDownPresetDataSource)

If you don't use the Fine Tuning feature as your integration has a custom UI or you wish to support Group Mode features, then you should use Default.

The Default data source produces presets in an identical way to the past preset fetching implementation.

You can configure it like this:

val fitting = // .... your existing Fitting instance
val defaultPresetDataSourceConfig = MimiPresetParameterDataSourceConfiguration.Default(fitting = fitting)
val defaultPresetDataSource = MimiCore.personalizationController.createPresetParameterDataSource(defaultPresetDataSourceConfig)
MimiCore.processingController.activateSession(presetDataSource = defaultPresetDataSource)

If you don't migrate, then internally the MSDK will use the Default.